St. Thomas Cruise Ship Destination Weddings are a Gorgeous Choice

by | Jul 26, 2012 | Lifestyle And Relationships

If your wedding destination is one that is covered in white sandy beaches, then St. Thomas cruise ship destination weddings are a perfect choice for you. Cruises are a great way to have the destination wedding of your dreams, all while incorporating your honeymoon right into your wedding. While you sail to your destination, you can relax and unwind on a gorgeous cruise ship. Your wedding can then take place when you reach your port of call at St. Thomas. Aside from being a unique and gorgeous way to hold your wedding, a cruise ship wedding also incorporates the benefit of having a wedding coordinator handle your wedding details for you.

Your ceremony, as well as your celebration afterward, will be planned for you while you sit back and relax on your cruise ship. You will sail to your paradise wedding while your wedding coordinator handles things like photography, flowers, champagne, vows and obtaining an ordained minister. St. Thomas cruise ship destination weddings also require a marriage license from the Caribbean, which can be difficult to obtain on your own. The beauty of having a wedding coordinator to help you with all of the details means you will get help obtaining your marriage license quickly and efficiently.

There are a wide variety of packages to choose from when you begin to look at St. Thomas cruise ship destination weddings. Whether you wish to have a large, elaborate wedding surrounded by close friends and family or you are going to have an intimate wedding with just you and your future spouse, there is a package to fit every budget and desire. Your destination wedding package can include things, such as a rose petal aisle, decorated wedding cake and deluxe tropical bouquets, just to name a few of the amenities you will enjoy during your destination wedding. All you have to do is make your wedding coordinator aware of the details you would like at your wedding, and she will make it happen.

St. Thomas cruise ship destination weddings also make it easy to include your honeymoon right into your wedding. After you celebrate the wedding of your dreams at St. Thomas, you can board the cruise ship again to enjoy all of its amenities as a newly married couple. You will be provided with music, entertainment and fine dining every night, making your honeymoon just as memorable as your dream destination wedding without any hard work or planning on your part.

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