Steps to avoid being involved in an accident at work

Every time you enter the workplace there is a chance of being involved in an accident. Sometimes accidents can occur through no fault of our own. During working hours we sometimes have to enter places or situations that are inherently dangerous, this is part of the job and something that we cannot change. There are some concepts to consider that can make the workplace a much safer place, not just for yourself but also for those working around you.

Be aware of your surroundings

Workers should always be aware of possible accidents. By understanding why accidents happen and having a sound knowledge of your work role and surroundings, workers can anticipate where and when an accident has the possibility to occur. If a worker notices something that has the potential to cause an accident they should report it as a matter of urgency to their immediate supervisor. Some things may seem so small and unimportant that you consider them hardly worth mentioning but little things like these have the potential to escalate into a major accident. Examples of this could be faulty machinery, unsafe packaging or badly designed work-spaces.

Personal protective equipment

On occasions, for whatever reason, some workers do not follow the safety guidelines set out in the working procedures and choose not to wear personal protective equipment. It may be the case that workers have done exactly the same task hundreds of times without injury or the threat of an accident occurring but it only takes one incident to cause serious damage to yourself or others. The temperature inside the workplace may be excessively high during the summer months so you decide not to wear gauntlets when dealing with a harmful chemical for example. You may have completed this task many times without incident but there is always the possibility that an accident can occur resulting in severe burns to arms or other parts of the body that are not adequately protected. Guidelines regarding personal protective equipment are there for a reason and should be adhered to at all times.

Pressure from colleagues or management

Never, under any circumstances, risk your health or the health of others due to pressure from colleagues or management. It is not an uncommon occurrence in the workplace for accidents to happen because of pressure such as this. Colleagues may want you to complete a task in order for them to finish early for the day or management may want you to cut corners to save on costs. Whatever the reasoning behind it, you should never agree to performing an unsafe act. You will be the one held responsible should an accident occur.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations it is advisable that you seek the advice of a professional accident attorney in Wichita.

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