Steps To Take When Emergency Vet Care in Alexandria, VA Is Necessary

When a new cat owner is worried about the health of their pet, getting proper treatment quickly is a priority. Most people will bring a cat to a service that provides Emergency Vet Care in Alexandria VA if their medical situation is a concern. Here are some steps to take immediately after noticing a cat is showing signs of health problems.

Alert A Veterinarian About The Problem Beforehand

If the medical situation requires immediate evaluation, a drive directly to a veterinarian’s office is best. Many vets hold overnight, around-the-clock hours to deal with emergencies. Call the practitioner first to find out what hours they are open. If they do not offer emergency assistance themselves, they may have information on available vets through their answering service message and where to call if a pet requires an appointment right away. When a service answers, let them know the magnitude of the health problem so they give recommendations on how to treat the cat until the pet can be seen by the professional.

Observe The Cat So Symptoms Are Recognized

When there is a concern about a medical problem, watch the cat and observe what symptoms are displayed. Jot down notations so, when a call is made to a veterinarian, all signs are conveyed to the medical practitioner so an appropriate treatment method is determined.

Keep The Cat As Comfortable As Possible

When a cat is having a medical problem, their comfort is a concern. Check on the condition of the animal constantly, and call a veterinarian at the first signs of an intensification of symptoms. Provide an area for the cat to rest away from loud noises or groups of people. Check to see if the cat eats and drinks so it receives necessary hydration and nutrition.

When there is a need for Emergency Vet Care in Alexandria VA, finding a reputable business to care for a cat is a must. Take a look at the website of Hayfield Animal Hospital. Browse the information available, and use the phone number or email provided to schedule an appointment for an assessment of the cat’s medical condition if necessary.

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