Still Life Painting as a Sophisticated Home Decor

Almost every home or office has its share of a still life painting depicting fruits, food, flowers or whatever else the contemporary still life artists prefer to put in canvas. Still life painting has a significant following among patrons who favor art in its simplicity. Most kitchens and dining rooms have, at the very least, one or two still life paintings depicting food or flowers. The still life paintings are often the showcase of the artist’s talents and skills as he can rearrange the objects according to his specific preference.

Many Contemporary Still Life Artists have showcased their talents using manmade objects as their themes. For the benefit of the artist, such objects are unmoving which makes them easier to paint. He can always take time with the painting often experimenting on the best way with which they can be painted to be more effective. This is so unlike the portrait painting where the subject often has a limited time to pose for the artist; hence, contending with a photograph as a guide in the creation of the masterpiece.

For the contemporary still life artists, ideas and subjects for their painting are simply everywhere, whether a bouquet of flowers, fruits in a basket, jewelry or even a set of books. It is the creativity and imagination of the artist that provides him with the inspiration on how he can effectively put it into canvas and become a work of art. Oftentimes, a simple object sparks their interest and serves as an inspiration.

Vincent Van Gogh, one of the geniuses of the 19th century has created about 200 still life paintings and has significantly altered the genre forever. Critics then perceived that still life was too simple. Nowadays, there are still life artists like Van Gogh who taught themselves to paint through still life models. While they still have to gain the excellence of Van Gogh, many of the new artists in this century have an exceptionally high percentage of still life paintings that are now in exhibits or art galleries.

A still life painting can easily add life to any room. Not only is a still life painting considered by most interior decorators as something to hang on the wall of the living room but an object that can effectively change the ambiance of a room into one of class and sophistication. Way back in history, homes have always been improved with the use of paintings whether those considered a fortune to be passed to another generation or a painting done by an obscure artist trying to make a name.

Almost all great artists started their career with still life painting and if you enjoy the look of fresh flowers inside your bedroom without suffering from any allergies or worry about them wilting in a day or two, choose those still life paintings of flowers. You can always choose a vase with daisies, roses or sunflowers that are hand painted on canvas and framed to make them a prefect wall décor.

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