Stone Material Options for Patio Paving in Ottawa

Your patio is the foundation of any good outdoor living space. Whether you intend to use your outdoor patio for relaxation or recreation, you want to find paving in Ottawa that will last. There are several factors that you should consider when seeking out materials for paving in Ottawa. The best material for you will be attractive, durable, and within your budget. It should also meet your specifications, for example, you may require slip resistant stone for around the pool.

Sandstone Paving in Ottawa

There are three key advantages to purchasing sandstone, including its wide availability, ease of use, and a large color selection. There is one major drawback of working with sandstone. Some of the sandstone materials for paving in Ottawa can have blotchiness, or color variation.


Gravel is one of the most cost-effective options for paving. It has an attractive texture, is very easy to install, and is relatively inexpensive compared to other paving options. Its disadvantages are that it may allow weeds to grow and it can be unstable. However, if you are on a budget, then gravel may still be the best option for you.


The biggest advantage of choosing granite to meet your needs for paving in Ottawa is that it offers a wide color range and is extremely durable. However, granite also has two disadvantages. It can be quite expensive and working with it is difficult. If you find that you need help installing the paving for your next project, speak to paving contractors in Ottawa about your project.


Slate has the unique advantage that allows you to shape it for your unique patio needs. It is also very attractive. One the largest disadvantages of choosing slate for your next paving product is that it is susceptible to damage from moisture, therefore, it should not be used in overly wet or humid climates. It is also not as durable as many other paving options, as it can flake and chip when exposed to freeze/thaw cycles or heavy rainfall. This makes it best for use in sheltered areas.


The distinctive fine texture of limestone allows it to take on a velvety finish when it is cut by companies such as Apprize Landscape Design for paving in Ottawa. Limestone is also an optimal option for paving because it is easy to cut into decorative shapes. It also offers even coloring, unlike many other options for paving in Ottawa. Despite these advantages, limestone has several disadvantages. There are very few color choices, limestone material is susceptible to damage from acid rain, and there is limited availability. However, the susceptibility to acid rain damage should not be a concern unless acid rain is common in your area.

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