Structured Self Development: Creating a Better You!

Almost everyone has the desire to grow, to improve and to evolve both professionally and personally; to be the best one can be. It is an admirable goal and worthy pursuit. Life is and ought to be a joyful process of growth and development. The problem most of us run into is that we don’t fully understand neither what we can do, nor how to do it in order to obtain that goal, to be our best and still strive for more as we continue to live. One very powerful solution to this common problem lies in structured self development.

Structured self development involves beginning from a known base-line and then mindfully taking small, deliberate steps towards growth and improvement. Once we’ve recognized and achieved improvement in even a tiny aspect of our lives we are then able to move onto the next step, perhaps a bigger step with more confidence and resolve. Eventually, the process becomes more instinctive and natural and we no longer have to exert what in the beginning may seem like massive effort to create growth and new successes.

It’s important to reiterate that you can’t improve yourself, until you understand who you are. Sitting down and objectively assessing the negativity in your thoughts and actions, including why you think and behave this way is an important first step in structured self development. Don’t be surprised if you have difficulty with this – it’s normal. And if you do have problems realize that most of us do, and most of us need assistance in this stage, so get some professional help. A good coach or therapist can help you unravel the mystery that is you.

When you assess the negative aspects of your persona and life, you may also start to see more of the good in you than you give yourself credit for. This is almost always the case; we think we’re worse than we are; we’ve fallen prey to false and limiting beliefs about ourselves and with introspection these limiting beliefs begin to crumble like ruins of an ancient civilization. With this, you are well on your way to change, growth and transformation; to releasing the self doubt, self deprecation and anger you may be carrying. They are replaced by the powerful energies inherent in all structured self development programs – love, honor and respect for yourself. Now that feels good!

Even though structured self development focuses mainly on your mental and emotional self, you ought not to ignore your body. It’s very difficult to have a happy, balanced mind, when your body isn’t in good working condition. Improving your physical health goes a long way towards altering your emotional and spiritual health. Even little changes in nutrition and sleeping patterns can contribute greatly to your better you.

As you improve your attitude and outlook and get more physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, you will find it continually easier to commit to a way of life in which you choose only choices – thoughts, feelings and actions that serve your growth, your well being, and the greater good of all. When you are thinking of the greater good, not only do you contribute to your own structured self development, but also to that of others, and that helps you attract even more abundance, happiness, love and joy in your life. It is so well worth the effort to do so. Remember, Life is supposed to be fun!

Dr. John McGrail has dedicated his life to studying spirituality, human condition and personal empowerment. He is an expert at structured self development and with the company, A Better You Inc. and his exclusive Synthesis process, he has helped thousands of clients and workshop students create change, growth and transformation and find there way to reach their fullest potential. His new book is entitled, The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation.

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