Stylish Vinyl Siding Options

Did you know that all vinyl siding does not look alike, and it doesn’t have to be boring or plain looking? There are so many modern choices in vinyl siding for your home, and you might be surprised when you take a look at some of the newer stuff out there. There is a type of stylish vinyl siding for any taste or architectural style, and siding comes in just about any color imaginable.

The most basic style of vinyl siding is called D4 or D5. This siding is designed to look like painted wood, with a wood grain pattern imprinted into the vinyl. It comes in a large variety of color options. The upside of D4 and D5 siding versus actual wood is that it does not have the upkeep and maintenance concerns of real wood – it is extremely durable and easy to care for, and will stay looking nice with relatively little care for many years. Vinyl Siding New Jersey stores carry a large selection of this basic siding in several different price ranges to suit your needs.

For a cleaner, more flowing design, you might go with a smooth, seamless vinyl siding. Smooth siding is siding made without the wood grain patterns, although the color options are as vast as they are with the D4 or D5 siding. Seamless siding is manufactured in strips that are about forty feet long, so that when this siding is installed, there are no visible seams at all on the sides of your house. This type of siding is great for those with a modern aesthetic, and the lack of seams also adds some extra protection from insects entering your home.

If you are in the market for even more Stylish Siding, look for architectural vinyl siding. This type of siding is made to look like various types of materials such as cedar shingles, a log cabin, or traditional wood and batting. Many of these products are absolutely beautiful and people find it hard to believe that the siding is actually vinyl! Vinyl Siding New Jersey experts are able to talk to you about your concerns and desires and make the best siding style suggestions to you based on your particular home and price range. Click here for more information.


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