Suffering with Back Pain? Make an Appointment for Physical Therapy in Columbia

When patients hear the potential problems that back surgery can cause, they often decide that they want to exhaust all other potential treatments before agreeing to surgery. Often they decide that they want to try aggressive Physical Therapy in Columbia. A physical therapist evaluates their x-rays or MRI results and medical records, they then create a physical therapy plan to strength muscles. At the same time they make sure that tendons and ligaments are flexible enough to allow proper movement. This combination often alleviates back pain in a matter of weeks.

Of course it is necessary to continue exercising to maintain these benefits. Physical therapists and doctors may also recommend that a patient lose weight to take the stress off of back muscles. In addition to working with a Physical Therapy in Columbia professional, a back patient may also use acupuncture and massage therapy. There have been studies that prove that both of these techniques work well with physical therapy to reduce pain and alleviate back problems.

However, a patient may decide after using Physical Therapy in Columbia that back or neck surgery is called for. They will heal faster because they are in better shape. The surgeon may also prescribe that they continue working with a physical therapist after the surgery. Depending upon the length of time that it can take to heal, muscles could already have started to weaken. A physical therapist will know the best way to strengthen them after surgery.

It’s important that a Physical Therapy in Columbia center have the latest equipment. Not only does that include exercise equipment, but there is electrical stimulation equipment that helps muscles heal faster. A physical therapist may also ask the physician prescribe a tens machine to help the patient deal with pain. The electrical pulses block pain without having the patient resort to narcotic pain medication.

Physical therapists help patients learn how to maximize their healing. Once that’s established they will help them maintain that level of fitness. Today that means functional fitness that ensures a patient will be able to care for themselves and maintain their home and career.

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