Surgeons and Medical Personnel Should Protect Themselves in CA

Doctors and medical professionals bleed like everyone else. This means they have to keep themselves protected like everyone else, too.

One of the main ways medical staff members hurt themselves is by accidentally coming into contact with needles. This can be needles they are administering to patients or needles they encounter while doing their job. Depending on the needle, you may not even feel like you are cut until you are bleeding, and a small needle cut is able to do a lot of damage.

One thing that prevents these types of issues is a needle trap. Once a needle is used it is immediately placed into the trap, and the trap is designed to break the needle in two. The broken needle can then be either disposed of or stored for security reasons. Most traps can be connected right to a needle, which provides medical professionals with the least amount of exposure to needles.

Sharp Fluidics is known for its famous needle trap. Unlike other traps for needles, this trap can be worn on the arm of the medical professional, and dozens of used needles can be placed onto the trap. This trap comes in handy during surgery because there are so many needles involved when it comes to sowing someone’s skin. There are also traps not worn on the arm but can be easily placed on medical equipment like patient sheets. This lightweight, balanced trap allows medical professionals to stack used-needles quickly and neatly. You can contact Sharp Fluidics, LLC.

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