Surrogate Mother Cost in California What are Your Options

Surrogacy is a good choice for couples, who are infertile, to have a child that is still biologically related to them. Using an agency for finding a surrogate mother helps you to navigate your way through all of the legal red tape surrounding this process.

Any number of things may affect a couples fertility such as:


Genetic defect that the couple does not want to pass off to their child

Hysterectomy for medical reasons

Numerous failed attempts at pregnancy

Choosing surrogacy over adoption, allows parents to have more control over who is carrying their child. The expectant parents can look at a list of women and choose which one is right for them. These possible surrogates are tested and screened for diseases, mental as well as physical issues and possible genetic defects that they may pass on to a child. If this couple were to choose adoption, they would not be able to pre-screen the woman who is going to carry their baby. In addition, choosing surrogacy allows the couple to be involved in every step of the pregnancy from the first ultrasound to the delivery.

Surrogate mother cost in California can be pretty steep, especially if using an agency. You can reduce your costs by choosing a surrogate who does not get financially compensated for carry your baby. However, you are still responsible for paying all of her medical expenses associated with the pregnancy. You can also cut costs by finding your own surrogate, such as a family member or close friend. Commercial pregnancy is the other type you can choose, it is much more expensive, and the surrogate is not only paid for expenses but also for carry the baby. Choosing an agency may cost more, but they offer many more services. A surrogacy agency can provide a large pool of surrogates to choose from. They also set up all testing that needs to take place and the potential surrogate is also already screened for medical and psychological issues. Perhaps, the most important aspect an agency can offer is a legal team to protect your rights and ensure that the process runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Working with an agency may cost more money but can offer you peace of mind. This allows you to place your focus on preparing for your new child.

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