Take the Namibia Safari and Discover the Beauty of the Desert

by | May 8, 2013 | Travel

Namibia is a lovely country which serves as an example of endless nature and beauty. The deep contrasts in this region often make more people interested in touring it. Home to the world’s oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert, Namibia is still one of the most preferred destination countries in Southern Africa. Thousands of individuals tour this region every year to experience the exclusive luxury jungle life.

If you are a game drive enthusiast, visiting Africa’s largest park will keep you busy for a few hours every day. The Namib Naukluft Park is home to animals whose activities are worth capturing. The Etosha National Park will also allow you to experience life in the lawless jungle. This park is considered as Africa’s best park because of its diverse species and size of wildlife.  Within the Caprivi Strip, you will also get to see wild animals, birds and vegetation. A Namibia safari should always begin in these parks!

Away from the charging and elusive wildlife, you can always take a tour in the Namib Desert. The most prominent feature in this desert is the properly crafted and laid out sand dunes. The sight of these sand dunes is breathtaking and visitors are always advised to carry their cameras to capture the scenic views.

If you are planning for a Namibia safari, a fly in safari should be a top priority. Fly in trips will enable you to view sites like Damaraland, the Shipwreck-strewn Skeleton coast and the Kaokoveld from the skies. Apart from echoing the emptiness above the land, these trips give individuals a rare but spectacular view of the remote regions and the beauty within them. During a fly in trip, visitors always see Namibia’s vastness and beauty from a different perspective and angle thus appreciating the intense beauty.

For an action packed adventure, you can always join other tourists in game hunting. The Family Nebe’s Game and Hunting Farm is well maintained. The dense vegetation cover often makes hunting more challenging. Making a kill in this farm always gives individuals a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in the long run. While visiting this farm, you can also watch animals and birds.

Hiking trails and camping always add on to the pleasures associated with a Namibia safari. Just like many other destination countries, the Namibian landscape always has something scenic to offer. Hiking is a perfect exploration strategy that will allow you to spend your night in different parts of the country. Hiking is mostly done very early in the morning and late afternoon to avoid the scorching heat and the biting cold of the desert.

Namibia is without a doubt the soul of Southern Africa. The large open spaces, the ocean, mountains, deserts and the world’s highest sand dunes offer amazing sceneries to visitors.  Rolling dunes and cooling wind offer a relaxing atmosphere to all. The warm and welcoming people in Namibia also make safaris memorable.

Namibia safari is without a doubt the soul of Southern Africa. The ocean, mountains, deserts and the world’s highest sand dunes offer amazing sceneries.  For more information go to Puresafari.co.uk.

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