Taking Care of a Cataract in Laurel MS

The last eye exam revealed the fact that one eye has developed a Cataract in Laurel MS. Before getting too upset, it helps to know that cataracts are highly treatable. Here are some things that the eye professional will tell the patient about cataracts and what can be done.

No Action at the Present Time

In some cases, the Cataract in Laurel MS may be in the earliest stages and is not yet exerting much of an effect on visual acuity. In this scenario, the advice may be to not take any drastic measures at the present time. Instead, the plan is to watch the condition and see if it gets worse over the next year or so. In the meantime, some changes may be necessary to help protect the vision. This involves the use of task lighting to help reduce eye strain. It may also call for making use of eye drops that help to keep the eyes properly lubricated.

Moving on to Other Strategies

Over time, the cataract may begin to interfere with the vision enough to require more involved measures. This usually means wearing some type of prescription eye wear. Whether the patient chooses glasses or contact lenses is something that will be discussed between the professional and the patient. In many instances, this solution will allow the patient to go a few more years before any drastic measures must be taken.

Opting for Surgery

Depending on the severity of the cataract, surgery may be the only solution. This type of procedure removes the cataract completely and allows the eyes to functional normally again. This typically becomes necessary when the quality of the eyesight become cloudy, or the individual has difficulty reading even with glasses. The good news is that the methods used for cataract surgery today are safer and more effective than at any time in the past.

For anyone who has not seen a vision specialist in some time, today is the day to contact us and make an appointment. Doing so will make it possible to determine if there is any developing issue and come up with a plan of action to protect the eyes from further harm.

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