Taking Care of Teeth With a Smile Makeover in Park City

Given an opportunity to have a smile makeover by a dentist, few of us would reject it. Everyone is looking for ways to continually improve their smile and make it better, either through the help of cosmetic procedures or through DIY methods. There are several techniques in which dentists can use to transform crooked, stained, decayed teeth into a beautiful radiant smile for patients undergoing a Smile Makeover in Park City.

One of the most important features of a beautiful smile is having set white, shiny teeth to proudly display. One can attain white pearly teeth by putting to use teeth whitening products. These products can be purchased over the counter or through your dentist. The general assumption is that over the counter products are not as effective in teeth whitening as products from your dentists. However, the component to look out for is peroxide. The higher the content of peroxide in the product, the more effective it is in helping you achieve perfectly white teeth.

Having straight teeth is another important component to have when aspiring for a perfect smile. Crooked teeth not only ruin the structure of the mouth but they lessen the visual appeal of your smile. If you have a set of crooked teeth that have grown in the wrong direction, then you can have them straightened by having veneers put in. Similarly if you have missing teeth, then this problem can be easily corrected by dentures fitted in.

A number of procedures can be used to design a new smile and to combat different problems. From veneers, dentures to implants and laser technology, a cosmetic dentist can perform almost any procedure to transform your smile drastically. Before a dentist decides to perform a certain procedure, they must use state of the art 3-d Technology to get a clear view of your smile from different angles. Once this has been done, they can use this to show you what your smile currently looks like. With new advances in technology, Smile Makeover in Park City can also project to patient’s images of what their teeth would like after a procedure, before it is even performed.

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