Taking Your Defense a Notch Higher With a Criminal Defense Attorney on Mount Vernon WA

The law presumes that you are innocent until proven guilty, but this status cannot be maintained if you do not aggressively defend yourself. Once you have been arrested, the police will set a court date on which day you will appear for a trial. The law requires an accused person to appear before the court on the first date of the hearing. Once the police presents a warrant of arrest, it is prudent not to refuse to be arrested since this can attract a criminal charge independent of the original charges. They can also be taken to construe consciousness of guilt, conviction of which can attract punitive consequences. All you need to do is to call a criminal defense attorney in Mount Vernon WA who will discuss your matter with the police as you prepare to start the trial.

Lawyers understand how the prosecutors work, how the evidence is collected, how criminal proceedings are preferred and how to deal with issues that arise from criminal cases. Since the prosecutor is a representative of the state who works to convict you of the state or federal charges, they will not advise you accordingly. Instead, you need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mount Vernon WA to file an aggressive defense. You need an ally who will be on your side 100% and who will relentlessly fight to get the best result. You cannot be the judge in your own court, meaning that even lawyers find it prudent to hire other lawyers when faced with civil or criminal lawsuits.

Whether you are a first offender or a repeat offender, you need a proficient lawyer to battle it out with the prosecution lawyers. First offenders have alternative remedies if their crimes are less serious. An experienced criminal defense attorney will know when to plead for you to get reprieve through such programs. For example, first DUI offenders can have restricted driving license, or can be allowed to take driving classes without having to revoke their license. There are plenty of alternative plans available to people who are first offenders, but the success of the application depends on how your criminal defense lawyer argues your case during a hearing. Talk to the Criminal Defense Attorney in Mount Vernon WA before you discuss anything with the police since you do not know how the information may be used against you.

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