Taormina’s Pizza: A Slice of Italian Paradise

If you crave delicious, old fashioned-style pizza Garden City prepared with love and the highest quality ingredients, swing by Taormina’s Pizza. We feature halal pizza, wings, ribs, salads, sandwiches and burgers.

More Pizza for the Price

Size matters. We don’t skimp on dough and toppings. Our large pizza boasts a 24-inch diameter, with each slice measuring 12 inches. That’s plenty of pizza to go around for a game night or a small house party. Daily specials let you lock in meal deals and combos for weeknight supper or an impromptu get-together

Each pizza on special comes with our famous tasty crusts: butter,Parmesan, garlic, BBQ, honey BBQ, Cajun, hot buffalo and sesame. Customize your toppings for the occasion or your tastes. Pair your favorite pizza with wings, bread or drinks.

Our sides make spectacular accompaniments to any pizza on our menu. Feast on classics like mac & cheese, onion rings, ravioli bites and mushrooms.

Simple or Gourmet: Take Your Pick

There are thousands of ways to make pizza. Our pizzas consist of thin or tasty crusts that amplify any combination of toppings you select. Create your own pizza, or consider one of our legendary gourmet pizzas. Out Steak & Cheese transforms your favorite sandwich into a pizza, with two cheeses, meaty steak, onions, mushrooms and Italian dressing.

Our Greek pizza marries feta and black olives with our house sauce, pepper rings, onions and tomatoes. Similarly, our BLT pizza is a delectable homage to the classic sandwich. We top ours with mozzarella, Miracle Whip, lettuce, tomato and plenty of bacon.

Each gourmet pizza Garden city is available in 12-, 14-, 16- and 24-inch sizes as well as 12-inch deep dish and 12-inch by 24-inch deep dish. Throw in one of our freshly made Mediterranean salads, a sub or two and drinks, and you’ve got a mini buffet fit for a major appetite. For peerless pizza Garden City, come see us today at Taormina’s.

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