Teeth Whitening in Old Bridge – Who Needs Teeth Whitening?

Everyone in Old Bridge, New Jersey wants pretty, white teeth to show off when they smile. However, coffee, smoking, tea, red wine, and other things that tend to stain the exterior of your teeth can be remedied with teeth whitening in most cases. Aging also causes yellowing of the teeth that can somewhat also be remedied with Teeth Whitening in Old Bridge, New Jersey. The following will discuss who needs teeth whitening and what to expect from the process.

Celebrities and Sales People

People who work around the public on a regular basis are good candidates for teeth whitening. People do look at your teeth and some even judge you if you have any kind of tooth problems. If you work in sales, sing in a band, perform in any entertainment venue locally or nationwide, or if you are a celebrity, your cosmetic dentist can be your best friend. Your dentist is the person who keeps your teeth white and your smile bright.

Special Occasions

Some people want their teeth to be at their whitest for special occasions, so they only have it done when they need it. Since teeth whitening lasts for about six months, there is no need for anyone to have to get this done more than twice a year. Weddings, first dates, anniversaries, special events, and other special occasions call for special pampering and treatments like Teeth Whitening in Old Bridge.

What to Expect from Teeth Whitening

1) The dentist first polishes the surface of your teeth with a pumice to get rid of exterior debris before the procedure.

2) Isolating your tongue, cheeks, and lips using gauze and in some cases retracting appliances helps to prevent the whitening solution from coming into contact with them. A barrier for your gum line will also be placed for protection.
3) The whitening solution is applied to the teeth.

4) A laser light used to activate the solution is used with many types of dental teeth whitening.

The process of Teeth Whitening in Old Bridge can take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the level of whiteness you want to achieve. Since this process can cause some tooth sensitivity for some people, the cosmetic dentist will determine how to proceed with your whitening. Cosmetic dentists also offer Dental Implants and other types of surgery and tooth reconstruction services.

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