TEFL Resources – Where You Can Find Resources to Help You with Training

If you want to get involved in a TEFL job without waiting too long, you will probably be looking for online TEFL resources to broaden your knowledge. The more you know about TEFL teaching, the easier it will be to apply for jobs. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and millions of people are now taking the leap to travel overseas and change people’s lives. It is even possible for non-native English speakers to get a job like this, so long as they are able to communicate well and write well in English. The following TEFL resources will make your job hunt that little bit easier and most of them are free to use.

The TEFL Boot Camp

This online boot camp will cost as little as $130 and by using the TEFL Boot Camp resource, you can complete a TEFL certification course. If you do not have enough money to pay for the TEFL Boot Camp, there is a free option on the website. The free course is not as in-depth as the paid course however, you can learn a lot about the skills required to teach English to people in foreign countries. The great thing about free TEFL resources like this is that you can read through the information and think about whether or not you would enjoy a job like this. Some skills you can learn with the TEFL Boot Camp include lesson planning, presentation techniques and student motivation.

The TEFL.net Website

A suitable option for people on a budget will be the TEFL.net website, where you can view a wide range of TEFL resources. If you are already teaching in a foreign country, you can use this website to improve your skills and become a better teacher. One of the most popular resources on this website is the icebreaker games ideas, which are very useful for first meetings with students. Worksheets can be accessed on TEFL.net and these focus on things such as pronunciation, grammar, reading and spelling.

The Internet TESL Journal

The Internet TESL Journal is filled with useful information that can be used by the experienced and the inexperienced TEFL teachers. When referring to these TEFL resources on a regular basis, you can expand on your skills and gain more job opportunities. Take some time to read the informational articles on this website and be sure to check out the games, quizzes and jokes section, which when used is proven to be effective in countries around the world. Handouts can also be printed out to help students when learning the English language.

You may require different teaching skills in different countries and this is why you should regularly use to become a better teacher. To view teacher resumes, read articles, view lesson plans and watch TEFL videos, visit teflworld.com.

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