Ten Simple Furnace Repairs in St Louis

While it is extremely important to have regular yearly Furnace Repair In St Louis, it is not always necessary to call out a professional in Furnace Repair St Louis for every single problem you may encounter with your furnace or air conditioning unit. Here is a list of ten simple, inexpensive Furnace Repair St Louis that can be done by the average homeowner.

The simplest Furnace Repair St Louis is to double check that the temperature setting on the thermostat is set to “heat”.

Check the batteries in your thermostat. Standard thermostats use regular batteries to power this important part of your air conditioning system and it is often overlooked by home owners as the source of the problem.

Be sure that the temperature setting of the thermostat is several degrees higher than the room temperature where the thermostat is located.

Check that the breaker is not tripped. You should be able to locate this with a chart in your breaker box, and is an easy and quick Furnace Repair St Louis that any home owner can perform.

Clean the contacts in your thermostat. This is done by removing the thermostat the same was as you did when you checked the batteries, and wiping any build-up off the metal contacts.

Double check the fuses and make sure that none are blown. Replace if necessary. Not all systems have a fuse box, but many use fuses within the actual furnace as a safety back-up, and one of these being blown may be the cause of your trouble.

Change the air filter. This may seem too simple to actually work, but furnaces have a built in safety feature that will shut down the unit if the air flow drops below a certain level.

Check the belts for signs of wear. Replace if necessary.

See if the pilot light on gas units is still ignited. If it has gone out, and you feel comfortable following the recommended safety steps, relight the pilot. Otherwise, call for professional Furnace Repair St Louis.

Reset or replace the furnace fan limit control switch. This is usually located on the main unit and resembles a light switch. Resetting it is as simple as turning on the lights!

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