Testing Your Curtain Fabric Needs

If you are seeking a window treatment for a commercial space, it is essential that you understand a little bit about the curtain fabric you are considering. Fabrics of this type come in various textures and pattern styles. Depending on an office’s architectural design, the material can be presented in abstract, geometric, solid, organic, or striped patterns and looks.

Coordinating a Look

When you sit down with a commercial design professional, you need to coordinate your curtain fabric choice with other aspects of the commercial theme. Not only is the window treatment you select important, so are the wall coverings and upholstery materials. Everything in the design theme must contrast, yet flow together in harmony. Otherwise, you will defeat the whole purpose of a re-design.

Integrating a Look

For example, when you are choosing curtain fabric treatments, you need to match the texture of the materials with the texture of your upholstery fabrics. You also need to match the curtain so it works well with paint or wallpaper. In order to obtain more insight, you need to obtain advice from a commercial interior designer. He or she can steer you in the right direction when integrating a total look for your office environment.

When making a selection of window treatments, upholstery fabrics or wallcoverings, ask yourself what you want to accomplish with the chosen look. The selection you make is important as it affects the morale of your office staff. You want the textures, patterns and colors to all work together so your staff feels motivated during the workday. To get an idea as to what to choose, it is first helpful to ask your employees what they like from the samples you are able to retain. Their decision will help you short-list your choices if you want to revitalize a currently tired-looking office.

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