The 10 Rules of Gun Safety Elgin Residents Should Comply With

by | May 16, 2013 | Recreation

Gun safety applies to all level of marksmen notwithstanding the number of years they have been in the industry. It also applies to everyone who handles guns while cleaning, storing, transporting and firing. Below are the 10 rules of Gun Safety Elgin enthusiasts should adhere to anytime they are handling firearms.

When not preparing to fire the gun, keep the ammunition locked in a secure location.

Understand the mechanics of a gun thoroughly by attending Gun Safety Elgin courses.

When handling a gun be “Barrel Aware” by always checking whether it is loaded or unloaded.

While preparing to fire a weapon, ensure that you are aware of the target as well as what is beyond it, since the rounds can travel miles in some types of terrain.

Always carry a gun to the destination in a case. When at the range and not firing, ensure the gun is on a sturdy surface and bolt in the rear position facing up.

Know and understand the country and state firearm regulations.

Always lockup the weapons in gun cabinets or remove the trigger lock when leaving them in the house.

Never allow a child below the age of 10 to handle, fire a gun and any child above 10 requires thorough supervision.

Alcohol and firing guns do not mix. This will certainly lead to impaired coordination and judgment likely to cause deadly accidents.

Finally enroll in a “Hunters Certification Course” available in all the states.

Other precautions that should be taken into consideration include teaching children from an early age to be wary of guns and respect them. Below are some of the reasons why Gun Safety Elgin lessons are vital for children:

To make them aware that guns do cause serious injury and even death.

It is a requirement of the law.

It also helps to impact lifelong gun safety rules that will prove helpful even in future.

Children should be taught how to safely handle guns as well as the possible consequences for not handling them the right way. This will help create a highly developed Gun Safety Elgin society of the future that knows the right and wrongs of improper gun handling.


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