The Advantages and Disadvantages of Police Body

Congress took some action in June of last year pertaining to the use of police body cameras. This action supported the usage of body cameras any time a police officer is on duty. This is due to some of the police brutality cases that are currently flooding the media these days. Since then, police body cameras have become a pretty controversial issue. The following are key advantages and disadvantages of police body cameras.


  • Studies have shown that police who use body cameras are less likely to use violence, as are the respondents. These studies have also shown that the use of police force has gone down by a little over 50 percent. The streets are ultimately safer for everyone involved if cameras are worn.
  • When officers are required to wear cameras as a part of their uniform, they are more accountable for their behavior, good and bad. Incidences such as Baltimore and Ferguson would decrease tremendously where there was no real way that the media could know what really happened.


  • Privacy is a big concern when it comes to body cameras. This footage would be used on a state-wide basis and could be considered an invasion of a person’s privacy, especially depending on the circumstances in which they are being filmed. Some civilian and basic police activities are mundane and do not need to be recorded. That is why it is important to ask if the individuals want to be recorded or not and if the videos would be shown in a courtroom. This might change the opinion of bystanders.
  • It is not feasible to have body cameras recording or playing on a consistent basis. There have to be specific limitations that impact when you turn on or turn off your camera. There are current policies that encourage these cameras to only be turned on when the police officer is in public. Meaning that these should only be turned on when there is a situation the specifically calls for it.

If you are considering looking for police body cameras for sale, then you should be aware of the pros and cons that come with them. Privacy is probably the biggest complaint against them, that and they are not always reliable. Learning about them well help you to effectively use them in your police force.

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