The Advantages Of Contact Lenses

If you are trying to decide between getting glasses and contact lenses in Hillsboro, there are some benefits to contacts you may want to consider.  Although both help you to see better, there are distinct advantages that contact lenses have over glasses.

To understand these advantages, you will want to know more about contact lenses and how they work.  They are made of a lightweight and thin plastic and are designed to float on the fluid of the eyeball.  They move when the eye moves. They can significantly improve vision in someone who has been diagnosed with astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness.

For many years, glasses were the only way to correct vision, but once contact lenses hit the market, people discovered a new freedom with wearing them.  They no longer had to worry about losing or breaking their frames and unlike glasses, they didn’t have to worry about how they looked with contacts.  Nobody could even tell if you were wearing contact lenses.

There were other advantages that people found to wearing contacts.  You didn’t have to worry about them steaming up if you came in from outside into a warm room.  Many people who play sports find contact lenses in Hillsboro are much more convenient than wearing glasses because glasses can get knocked off or broken during sports.  In fact, many people prefer contacts because the incidence of breakage is very low.  When wearing contacts, your peripheral vision is increased. When wearing glasses, it can sometimes be difficult to see out of your peripheral vision. When wearing contacts, you don’t have to constantly remove them to clean them off.  They are cleaned with every blink of the eye.  You do have to take your contacts out at night and leave them in a solution to keep them from drying out, but other than that, you don’t have much maintenance with contact lenses.

There are all types of contacts so make sure you talk to an optician about what type is right for you.  If you have dry eyes or allergies, you may be able to find contact lenses in Hillsboro that can be a more comfortable fit for you.  If you want to change the color of your eyes, you can find colored lenses that will give your eyes a whole new look.

There are disposable contact lenses and lenses that you will keep for months.  Discuss all the options with your optician to find a great pair of contact lenses for you. You will enjoy being able to see clearly again and will love the freedom that you get with wearing contact lenses.

If you are having vision problems and suspect you need contact lenses in Hillsboro, be sure to visit your eye doctor. They can test your eyes to help determine if you need contact lenses in Hillsboro.

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