The Advantages Of Electroless Nickel Services

There are several different chemical finishing operations that can be completed on steel, copper and brass. Each offers different properties and advantages as well as different aesthetics.

Considering each of the options will be important to find the right option for any Massachusetts company hiring out this service. Often if you are new to metal finishing taking the time to meet with the company and talk about the needs you have for the part, the specific industry requirements and standards or even the tolerances you need will be helpful in narrowing down your choices.

One option that is often used with brass, copper and steel for chemical finishing is the use of electroless nickel services. Understanding the pros and cons of this chemical finishing option will also help in deciding if it is the right option.

Corrosion and Wear Resistance

As copper, brass and steel are considered to be corrosive types of alloys, using electroless nickel services will be essential in boosting the corrosion resistance of the components. This is important in all types of applications from semiconductor manufacturing through to electronics and even in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

This is a plating process where a controlled layer of a film containing nickel is uniformly deposited on the surface. This acts as a coating that protects the surface from corrosion as well as from wear. Different amounts of nickel and other particles can be used to boost specific traits of the coating.

For instance, it is possible to add silicon carbide to the film to create a more durable type of surface that is more resistant to wear. This is important in parts and components where durability and resistance to wear will be an essential consideration.

In Electronics and Industry

The specific properties of electroless nickel make this an ideal coating for electronic components and parts. You will find it used in semiconductors, for batteries and even in the use of microwave components.

The same process is also used in the oil and gas industry. While this may not be a leading push in Massachusetts, it is a big part of the demand for electroless nickel services in other parts of the country, particularly in the west and the south. With increased exploration of alternative methods for drilling, the process of applying the coating allows for high strength with top corrosion wear on parts and components can actually save on the cost of doing business.

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