The Advantages of Getting Dental Implants in Spring, TX

Missing teeth are an unfortunate source of embarrassment for many people. This is especially true if the missing tooth is located in the front of the mouth. This makes one reluctant to smile, and is harmful to one’s self-esteem, even if is it not realized. Missing teeth may also cause further dental issues as the teeth shift in the mouth. The bone below the gum line may also start to pull away, affecting the neighboring teeth. This is why many people opt for bridges to replace missing teeth.

Dental Implants in Spring, TX may be a better choice than the normally placed bridges. Over the past few years, the procedures and materials for dental implants have made great improvements. This is made the implants easier to install, and a little less expensive than they were in the past. More dentists than ever are learning how to insert dental implants.

Dental Implants in Spring, TX offer many practical advantages that make them popular. For one thing, they don’t decay. However, they must be treated as natural teeth. This means that oral care routines should be used to keep them clean. This will keep the surrounding tissue and other teeth healthy. This is important to the overall success of the implantation. Dental Implants in Spring, TX look like real teeth, and they are quite strong. The problem with bridges is that they depend on other teeth to support the bridge. Crowned teeth may become brittle over time, and break. Implants eliminate that problem.

When Dental Implants in Spring, TX are placed, it involves the surgical installation of a titanium screw into the jawbone that will support it. This can be done in less than an hour. It can take about six to eight weeks for the screw to attach itself to the bone. When this has occurred, a fake tooth is placed over this screw and is crowned. In order to be a candidate for implants, a patient must be healthy, and have solid bone in the jaw to support the implants. A patient may need bone grafts in order to provide this needed support, and this takes extra time and expense.

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