The Advantages of Panel Systems and Cubicles in Quincy MA

Cubicles have gotten somewhat of a bad rap over the years, with people deciding these interior structural features symbolize everything that is wrong with office culture. In truth, Panel Systems and Cubicles in Quincy MA have distinct advantages that led to business owners and managers embracing the design concept in the first place.

Cubicles that create individual offices along with panels that separate work spaces to a certain extent did not become prevalent until the 1980s. Before that, offices typically housed numerous workers in one large open space. Nobody had any privacy, and the big room could get noisy. Several employees talking on the phone at once could be heard by the individuals on the other ends of the lines. Research has shown that there is a profound reduction in productivity when employees are distracted by one another’s noise.

The open office concept experienced a resurgence of popularity some years ago. Many businesses dismantled their panel systems and had their office employees working on computers and phones within each other’s direct view and hearing once more. Interestingly, a contributor to Forbes has called for the end of the open office, listing the many ways that this work environment is detrimental. An example would be an employee with a bad cold or the flu which is coughing incessantly next to two other workers. Introverted individuals may be uncomfortable all day long when they are forced to share an office with 10, 20 or more colleagues.

Panel Systems and Cubicles in Quincy MA give the illusion of completely separate offices for workers who are not at the supervisory or management level. They may not enjoy a window view or a large room of their very own, but the cubicle provides a private space they can decorate to a certain extent. They can have a few photos of family and pets, a small plant or two, postcards and other personal memorabilia. That’s not as easy when a worker has a desk in a room with a dozen or more other desks and no private walls on which to hang things. An organization such as Office Gallery International helps businesses structure semi-private offices within large rooms.

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