The Basics of MIG Welding Techniques

In MIG welding, various techniques are used to create different types of welding patterns. The most common MIG welding techniques include the forehand weld in which you push the puddle in the direction of the weld. This technique creates a flat weld with a wide, shallow penetration pattern. A less common type of welding technique is the back hand weld which produces a narrow bead with a deep penetration and high profile. Learning these various types of techniques can make your welding endeavors more lucrative.

Flat Welding
One of the easiest MIG welding techniques is weldi
ng in the flat position. This requires pushing the MIG gun at an angle up to 35 degrees in the direction of the weld. It’s important to choose the technique according to the metal thickness and type of joint. Techniques can include circles, whipping or a weave.

Horizontal Welding
Similar to flat welding, horizontal welding should use an angle between 35 and 45 degrees. However, horizontal welding does not include weaving. The best technique for this type of welding is a whipping motion. With horizontal welding, it’s important to use stringer beads and to keep them narrow by boosting the travel speed.

Vertical Welding
The most difficult position in the welding process is vertical welding. This technique requires the gun to be pointing upwards with a maximum of 45 degrees. When you surpass 45 degrees, there is a great chance that air will enter the weld area at the bottom due to shielding glass turbulence. Vertical welding can travel down or up.

Overhead Welding
Also somewhat complicate to perform, overhead welding requires the angle of the MIG gun to point towards the direction of the weld with a 35 degrees maximum angle. It’s important to keep the machine set hot while attempting overhead welding. Techniques for this type of welding include circles, whipping and weaves.

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