The Benefits of Ankle Specialists in Racine WI

The foot and ankle are the foundation of the body, so proper care and treatment is important. The weight and pressure of most daily activities are absorbed by the ankle joint. There are many things that can cause burning, pain, weakness, trauma, or injury. Ankle Specialists in Racine WI can examine, assess, and evaluate the ankle for stress fractures, tendinitis, injury, conditions, disorders, or deformities.

They can also determine if the cause of the issue is the ankle, or if the pain has settled in the ankle. Muscle tension or trauma to the leg, for example, can manifest itself as pain in the ankle. The ankle may be in great condition, but the pressure of the higher injury is causing pain in that area. Overcompensating for a painful hip or back can also result in pain and stress in the ankle. A physical examination of the area, diagnostic X-rays, or ultrasound testing, along with a complete history of the issue, can help specialists discover the source of the pain, swelling, or numbness.

If the problem is the ankle itself, treatments and action plans can be developed to address the issue. Treatments can be as simple as elevation, rest, and heat or cold packs to the ankle. Exercises, physical therapy, massages, or ultrasound stimulation may also be used. Swelling can be relieved by anti-inflammatory medications or injections into the muscle or joint. A brace or orthotic may be recommended for support. Surgery can also be an option, depending on the condition, problem, or injury. It may be required on an emergency basis, such as for a severe break, or it can be a last resort when other treatments have failed.

Most Ankle Specialists in Racine WI are surgeons, so treatment will not have to be referred to an orthopedic surgeon. Comprehensive care can begin and end with the same doctor, which has many benefits. That allows for continuity of care, high standards, and an increased comfort level for the patient Persistent pain or discomfort of the ankle should not be left untreated because it could lead more pain, weakening of the muscle or bone, and possibly permanent damage to the area. Contact Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers for more information, and to schedule an appointment.

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