The Benefits Of Having A Lawyer For Social Security Disability In Dallas

When you or a loved one is injured and can no longer work, Social Security Disability Insurance, also known as SSDI, is supposed to be there to provide benefits. Dallas residents who have paid into the system and are now struggling with physical or mental impairments often find the system is very difficult to navigate, and what seems like a simple process is actually very complicated.

The majority of initial claims for SSDI are denied. This is partially due to the complex and lengthy nature of the forms, but it is also a factor of the specific medical documentation required. Often doctors fail to submit the right information, or the individual is working with multiple doctors and forgets to provide that name on the application.

When a denial occurs or during the initial filing, hiring an experienced lawyer for social security disability has significant benefits. These professionals understand the requirements, know the appeals process, and can often ensure that the initial claim is not denied, allowing for the individual to start collecting benefits very quickly.

Your Advocate

A lawyer for social security disability works to provide you with information on the progress of the appeal and to ensure all filings are completed within the short time provided. In addition, the attorney also works with you to understand any additional requests and to work in representing your best interests with the Social Security Administration process.

Dallas residents going through the appeals process should have a lawyer for social security disability hearings. While you can represent yourself, understanding the documentation required to prove your case, knowing what witnesses to call and the questions to ask, as well as having experience in these hearings make an attorney invaluable in these proceedings.

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