The Benefits of Installing Engineered Wood Flooring in Nassau County

Wood is a natural, renewable and sustainable resource. When used as flooring it can last for hundreds of years if maintained properly. It is a safe and non-allergenic product for the home and it tends to look even more beautiful as it ages. With all of these benefits, it may lead people to wonder why anyone would choose Engineered Wood Flooring in Nassau County over traditional hardwood flooring. The reason is because engineered wood offers all the benefits already mentioned and many others that basic wood cannot.

This type of flooring uses layers of genuine wood with a base of fiberboard that provides a higher level of strength than average hardwood. The stable base prevents the flooring from shifting, makes it more resistant to warping in humid conditions and makes it easier for homeowners to install. It is safe to use in basements, bathrooms, and entryways because the bottom layer of Engineered Wood Flooring in Nassau County is made from high-density fiberboard. These environments would be too wet or have too many temperature changes for traditional hardwood flooring. It saves money on renovations because it can be installed directly on top of concrete or over many other types of flooring.

Consumers that shop for engineered wood will find the same large variety of color options, grains, and designs as they would with genuine hardwood. The boards are available in a variety of widths and styles, so they are as easy to integrate into a simple country home or an elegant estate as any hardwood floor. The materials are easy to care for, durable and refinishing is still possible when the floor begins to look aged or worn.

Every homeowner has their own preference about what looks and feels the best to them. That is why offers a large inventory of wood, carpet and much more to make it easy to find the perfect flooring solution for every room. Every home will gain visual appeal and value from the installation of new flooring whether it is engineered, laminate or traditional hardwood. Visit the website to learn more, to schedule a consultation or to arrange for an estimate.

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