The Benefits of Ordering Stock Boxes in Bulk from a Box Company in Georgia

Corrugated shipping boxes are a common means of packaging and shipping goods. There are definitely some benefits to using these boxes, especially when you do a lot of shipping and packing. You can also buy these “stock boxes” in bulk from a company in Georgia, which supplies the boxes to most of Georgia, parts of South Carolina, and much of Florida. If you own and operate a business in these service areas, here are some of the benefits of buying corrugated shipping boxes in bulk.

Corrugated Holds up Better Than Most Cardboard Shipping Options

Corrugated boxes are reinforced with additional thick sheets of folded cardboard. That makes them much more durable and less prone to collapse or damage during shipping. These boxes are shipped folded and stacked, ready to unfold, pack and seal.

They Stack Well Regardless of Being Folded or Unfolded

Buying these boxes in bulk provides a double benefit. They store well whether they are folded flat or unfolded and stacked (with or without goods inside). You could store thousands in their flat folded form, and hundreds in their unfolded form straight up to your warehouse ceiling.

Over Eighty Box Sizes to Choose From

Cardboard, even the corrugated kind, can be fashioned into over eighty sizes of square and rectangle shapes. This means that whatever goods you need to package and ship, there should definitely be a box for it. Buying in bulk reduces the cost of whatever size of box you require. If you need good boxes today, contact Express Package via to get a quote.

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