The Benefits Of Swiss Machining For Detailed Parts

Brighton_logoAs a general statement Swiss machining in MN is the very best possible option for providing parts that are small, detailed and require the highest possible precision. However, many companies that offer precision work, including CNC machining, are also include Swiss machining in MN as a service offered to their customers for a wide range of parts.

Turning and Milling

One of the major benefits to a shop using a Swiss machining in MN is that the various live tools that are found on the equipment means that parts can be produced on just one machine. This is a benefit both as a time saving consideration as multiple machines are needed to produce the same part as well as a less labor intensive option.

Since both turning and milling can be completed on the machine while the part is on the spindle, there is less chance of any type of variation. In addition the sub spindle, which may also be called a pick-off spindle, allows you to bore the part and complete additional drilling as needed off of the main workstation area of the machine.

Tighter Fit and Hold

With the Swiss machining in MN the greater precision on small parts is due to the unique design. Unlike a traditional lathe where the bar stock is held in place and the cutting tool moves, the Swiss machining system moves the bar stock and holds the cutting tool still. The bar stock is held in a tight guide bushing right behind the cutting tool, virtually eliminating even the slightest vibration or movement in the bar stock during the process. This is perfect for long, thin, slender or softer materials that could easily move or vibrated during traditional machining to lower the precision and accuracy of the cut.

Keep in mind that Swiss machining in MN is also controlled by computer programs that further provide consistency and precision with every project. This ability to create these types of projects is what keeps this production method in such high demand.

Not all companies providing machining services provide Swiss machining in MN. If you want small, detailed parts completed with the most precision and accuracy possible then you do need to ensure that the company is able to complete your project using Swiss machining technology.

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