The Benefits of Table Skirts

Table skirting is a versatile way to add a finishing touch that pulls together any table layout, whether used for dining or display. A good table skirt will reach to the floor, and so cover the legs of a table, and so along with a table topper, the layout will be brought together into a cohesive display.

A classic table skirt can be paired with a matching table topper for an elegant look that will provide a stylish aesthetic to even the simplest table design. This minimalist style is also a great option for ensuring that the table provides a stylish base without detracting from the main focus of your table’s display.

In addition to classic table skirts, there are a variety of more elaborate designs available, such as those made of ruffled or lace-trimmed fabrics, or even bolder designs such as rosettes. This style of skirt is ideal for highlighting important tables at your event, such as a cake table for weddings. A more vibrant design may also be a simple way to add visual interest to an otherwise minimalist theme or table layout.

Standard tablecloths are often unsuitable for large or uniquely-shaped tables, and it may be difficult to find a tablecloth that will cover them sufficiently. The benefit of a table skirt is that they are available in a wide range of sizes to fit any table, and due to their design can be attached to a variety of table shapes, from square and rectangular to round—this makes them a versatile option for any event. Table skirting is held to the table by Velcro and table clips, which ensures that the skirt will remain in position and is not at risk of being moved or pulled when accidentally caught by the movement of guests.

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