The Benefits Of Travertine Patio Pavers

Choosing travertine patio pavers for a pool area and outdoor living space is becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States. The beauty of the stone combined with the variety of different finishes and edge options allows for a range of different looks and design possibilities.

As travertine patio pavers increase in popularity, people learn the benefits and advantages of this material over the more traditional option. Before travertine the most common options where man-made pavers, often of a composite type of material, poured concrete, or brick. In some areas wood decks and patio are popular as well, but they typically include very different designs and features.

The advantages to consider with travertine in patio pavers or for pool decks and outdoor living spaces include the following considerations. These are all outstanding reasons to consider this very versatile type of paver.

Cool and Comfortable

As natural stone travertine doesn’t absorb and retain the heat. It will stay cool and inviting looking even in direct sunlight and on a very hot day. Also, since it doesn’t have a reflective surface it also won’t increase the ambient temperature above the deck. You can sit and read or just relax in your favorite lounger without the additional heat associated with other deck and patio options.

Natural Stone

As natural stone, travertine patio pavers blend into the landscape or stand out and make a statement. The choice of colors and tile patterns can create a more subtle or pronounced look, but both will be perfect to coordinate with patio furniture, landscaping and even with other hardscaping.

This means you won’t have to change a retaining wall, sidewalk or existing patio area, you can instead choose complimentary colors in your patio pavers to create a beautiful and seamless final project.

Perfect for Custom Pool Shapes

Perhaps it is the look of natural stone or the earthly colors, but the use of travertine patio pavers on custom designed outdoor living spaces and pools is absolutely amazing. The pavers seem to effortlessly follow the shape of any element in the hardscape. Through the use of specific tiling patterns and particularly the French tiling pattern, the lines in the design are emphasized and highlighted.

The dramatic increase in the use of travertine patio pavers is not by accident. Stop at your local travertine wholesaler and look at these amazing paver options and then get planning new pool construction or your current pool renovation.

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