The Best Tips to Prepare for Carpet Cleaners in Overland Park

Carpets see their fair share of dirt and start to look dingy and discolored after some time. One of the best ways to revive one’s carpets is to hire carpet cleaners in Overland Park. After the appointment is made, it’s time to prepare for the cleaners. Here are some of the best ways to be ready for carpet cleaning day.

Move the Furniture

Yes, carpet cleaners will clean around furniture, but they won’t move furniture. If stains are being covered by couches or other pieces of furniture, consider moving these items to get the most out of the cleaning service.

Keep the Pets Away

Not only do pets get in the way, but some get stressed out by the noise and the equipment. If possible, have one adult leave the house with the pets and another adult stay in the house to monitor the cleaning.

Be Available

While one shouldn’t follow the carpet cleaners from room to room, one wants to be available in case there are questions. Even if one has paid for the service upfront, there should always be an adult in the house when cleaning is taking place. If the noise is bothersome, consider sitting outside for a while.

Plan for Several Hours

Depending on how big the house is or how many rooms are being cleaned, carpet cleaning might take several hours. People should plan to be at their home for several hours before the cleaning is finished.

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