The Chapters Of Bankruptcy

There are two main chapters of bankruptcy that individuals can file for, and they may both help different people. Your Bankruptcy Lawyer in Carlsbad should be able to help you determine which one will be right for your needs and either one may be a good choice. You should understand the differences between them before you make your decision so you end up making the right one.

The most common chapter that people file for is 7, but that doesn’t mean it is right for you. It is meant for people that realize they just have too much debt and they will likely never be able to pay it off. If you know you have a mountain of debt that you can’t pay for then you should consider filing for this chapter. Your Bankruptcy Lawyer in Carlsbad should tell you whether or not you can file for it since you have to go through a sort of application process in order to do so. You will then have to sell or have your items repossessed and all the profits then go to your collectors. The debt is wiped away from the sale and you are left to recover financially.

The other chapter that people file is Chapter 10. It is a way for people to pay off their existing debt slowly over time without having to foreclose on their homes or auto loans. You may be able to keep your home if you file for this chapter. It is meant for people that realize they can probably pay off their debt at some point in the future. Many collectors will also lower the amount that is owed so they get some money instead of none. You may want to consider this if you are eligible.

If you have a business and are struggling to pay any of your bills you may file for Chapter 11. There are going to be a significant amount of paperwork involved with filing any chapter so that is why a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Carlsbad is needed. They understand all the legal procedures that need to be completed so you can get it done with quickly. You should be able to remove all the financial stress from the situation once you decide to file for bankruptcy. Your lawyer should be able to help you move on from your bills and start new.

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