The Considerations to Make When Purchasing New Tube Furnaces

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Science And Technology

If your lab requires new tube furnaces, you have many factors to consider before making a purchase. Because it is a costly investment, you want to make sure you make the right purchase the first time to ensure maximum use from your apparatus. The main factors you need to consider include the temperatures you require, size and type of furnace. Once you have determined these factors, you can narrow your choices down and make a smart purchase.

What Temperatures Are Necessary?

Each lab has different temperature requirements, depending on the procedures you perform. You should take a step back and consider all the projects your lab completes and could complete in the future to determine the maximum temperature you require. Each furnace has a different range of temperatures it can obtain. Make sure you think about future expansion and projects to ensure your furnace will stand the test of time.

What Is the Perfect Size?

Just as you need to consider future projects when you determine the proper temperatures for your tube furnaces, you should also consider the future projects for the size of the furnace. The larger the furnace, the more expensive the unit becomes, but if you will be expanding in the future, it makes sense to make the investment once, rather than having to upgrade in the near future.

What Type Do You Need?

There are typically two types of tube furnaces to choose from – a split tube and solid tube. The split tube is recommended for labs that require constant access to the heating chamber. The solid tube cannot be bothered during processing but is the right choice for those who do not need access to the project while it is heating. Typically, the solid tube is a little less expensive than the split tube, making it necessary to determine your exact needs before making a purchase so you can save money.

Purchasing tube furnaces for your lab is an investment that should last for a long period of time. If you take the time to make the necessary decisions regarding your exact needs, you will make a purchase that will last, even for future projects and expansion. The exact temperatures, size and type of furnace you require play a factor in which furnace you purchase, as well as the price you pay, making it well worth the time it takes to evaluate your needs.

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