The Convenience of Self Storage in York PA During Moving Time

In some cases, people who are moving need to rent self storage in York, PA for a short time. Their rental lease might be ending before their new home is available, for example. They can stay with friends or family, or in an extended-stay hotel suite, but they can’t bring all their stuff. Some plan to go on an extended adventure, perhaps living abroad for a year or traveling while living in a camper.

Storage Features

A reputable facility providing self storage in York, PA keeps belongings safe and secure, as well as clean and dry. Climate-controlled units are available for people who have possessions that are sensitive to extreme heat or cold, or to excessive humidity. Most contracts are monthly, which is convenient since many customers rent units for less than a year. People don’t want to risk breaking a year-long contract and having to pay a fee or forfeit a deposit.

Avoiding Clutter

Having a facility at A Better Rate Storage during a move also offers the advantage of not having to put absolutely everything into the new place. The household residents can start anew with less clutter. They can go through everything they left in storage over time and decide whether they really want to keep all of it. After being apart from all these belongings for several months, they may realize they aren’t as attached to the things as they thought.

Packing Ahead of Time

Yet an additional advantage is being able to pack well ahead of time and move boxes and unused furniture into storage. This is especially helpful when trying to sell a house, as the cluttered appearance can make it difficult for potential buyers to envision the place with their own belongings. Browse

Continuing to Be a Storage Customer

If these people decide they want to continue renting the unit after settling into their new place, they are welcome to do so. They also can switch to a smaller one after bringing most of their belongings out. Statistics show that most customers rent for less than two years, but people increasingly include this service in their budget as a long-term solution to not having enough space at home.

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