The Dangers of Cleanup from Water Damage in Escondido

When your business or home is damaged due to a flood, roof leak or plumbing issue, it’s only natural to wonder what to do next. However, you should decide quickly whether you’re going to handle the water damage repair in Escondido yourself, or call in a water damage restoration professional. The longer standing water remains in your building, the higher the chance of permanent damage from rust, rot, mildew and mold. Listed below are some of the dangers faced during a restoration job.

Gas and Electricity

Before going into a waterlogged area, workers put on protective gear such as work gloves, boots, goggles, a face mask and a respirator. The first goal is to turn all gas and electricity off, to prevent injury. Common hazards after a flood include electrocution, fire, explosion and poisoning. A qualified electrician should inspect your building’s electrical system to determine whether it is safe for continued use.


Standing water can contain contaminants such as pesticides, sewage, bacteria, viruses, mold and algae. Some molds are very poisonous, so the restoration team always wears masks, respirators and goggles. Water containing raw sewage is very unsanitary, and contains toxic bacteria. Your restoration specialist will clean all surfaces with a bleach/water solution to inhibit mold and germ growth. If the company uses generators or pumps to clean up water, they should not use them indoors due to the high risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

Decreased Structural Integrity

A severe flood can cause structural damage that’s not always visible to the naked eye. Your home’s roof, foundation and walls can weaken and collapse; if you see foundation cracks or a sagging ceiling, do not enter the building. The restoration team will enter first, looking out for hazards such as debris and wires hidden beneath the water.


After flooding, many animals have no place to live, and may take refuge in a flooded building. Wild rodents can carry diseases such as rabies, and they bring along with them poisonous snakes. Debris should be removed with a rake or shovel, and protective gear should always be worn.

Dealing with a flooded business or home can be overwhelming, and you can feel as if things will never be normal again. Water damage restoration can be difficult, but if you call for assistance soon enough, you can get your property repaired and protected from future damage. For more information visit Vista Flood Restoration Inc.

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