The Difference between a Miami Beach Luxury Condo and a Hotel

When you go on vacation, you deserve a time of relaxation, pampering and incredible luxury. This can all be found when you travel to Miami. With the large number of pampering spas, fantastic beaches, incredible culinary choices and spectacular night life, you are sure to have the perfect vacation. To make your vacation even more memorable, choose to rent a Miami Beach luxury condo rather than staying at an ordinary hotel and you will take your vacation up to the next notch. Miami has a large number of condo rentals to choose from, making it easy to plan the perfect vacation.


Hotels are cramped and oftentimes booked to capacity with tourists, especially during peak vacation times. This takes away any privacy you desire while on vacation. It also makes it more difficult to get around, especially if the hotel offers transportation. Large crowds mean longer wait times and delays in getting to the places you desire to be on your vacation. When you rent a luxury condo from a management company, you can search for a property that offers the seclusion and privacy you desire, while omitting the need to fight large crowds.


While most hotels are kept clean and up to standard, they sometimes disappoint. Even when you call housekeeping about an issue, it can be left unresolved to the disappointment of the visitor. When you rent a Miami Beach luxury condo, you are guaranteed to rent a unit that is thoroughly inspected often and cleaned to the highest standards. The property management company strives to provide vacationers with a high-quality place to stay in combination with exceptional service. It is their goal to provide you with the luxury vacation you desire.

Multiple Options

When you are looking for the perfect Miami Beach luxury condo, you will have a large number of choices. If you are traveling alone for business, you will find luxurious studios with all the amenities you desire, including Jacuzzis, pools, gyms and even a private chef if you request it, giving you the perfect end to a long day. If you are traveling with a family or large group of friends, you can find condos with one to three bedrooms, giving you all the room you need. You will also have the option of finding condos with an ocean view and those that are situated up several floors, as well as those that are on the ground floor, depending on your needs.

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