The Difference Between Temporary Labor & Employees when Hiring a Cleaning Company

You may think that all commercial cleaning companies are created equal. However, the type of service you receive depends upon a variety of factors. Is the cleaning company concerned about the environment and using green products? Is there enough staff to handle a big cleaning project? Does the company subcontract out its work to other companies? Will there be someone to help during an emergency? All of these components make up the customer service you receive when working with a Maryland cleaning company. One big factor is whether the company uses temporary labor or full-time employees.

Why Care About The Company’s Employees?

Most customers of a commercial cleaner do not think twice about who is coming to clean. However, if the company uses temporary labor, you can end up with inconsistent service and a cleaning staff that’s not truly concerned about high standards. People who work temporary labor often go where the job is steady and the money pretty decent, so you may never see the same cleaning staff twice. This makes it hard to discuss issues or manage a problem from the previous cleaning period.

Employees are more dedicated because the company is usually providing a decent salary and benefits, so you’re more likely to see the same cleaning crew each time. The cleaning company probably provides training and certification classes for employees, while temporary laborers just learn how to use the equipment. It’s easier to discuss issues with a consistent cleaning crew because they become familiar with your office and will remember any issues they may have had during a previous cleaning period.

How Do I Know If I’ll Have Consistent Service?

The easiest way is to ask the company when you call to schedule your first cleaning. Ask if they use certified employees with specialized training in commercial cleaning services. The more dedicated to quality that the company is, the better cleaning jobs you’ll receive from the staff. While you may still experience a turnover with employees, it won’t be at the same rate as temporary workers. If you rely heavily on cleaning services to sanitized and make your office space usable for staff and clients, then it’s to your advantage to use a company that cares about quality and consistency.

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