The Different Options Available for Dental Implants Long Island

Dental health is important for a large number of people. However, dental emergencies tend to happen and this could result in cracked teeth or missing teeth altogether. This should not put you down though as you have the option of dental implants to get your smile back right on track. So, what is a dental implant? These are replacement for teeth that are missing. They look as well as feel as your natural teeth so you do not have to worry about them looking awkward in your mouth. In addition to their aesthetic benefits, they are also functional, as they will let you chew food just as you regularly would with your natural teeth.

So, how are dental implants long island put in your mouth? The implant will typically be drilled right into your jawbone so that it can support the artificial tooth. If you have two or more teeth missing, numerous implants can be put in your mouth. Crowns are then laced atop the artificial roots. A large number of people consider dental implants long island a form of cosmetic surgery. Either way, there are several options available when it comes to these implants.

1. Endosteal implants: These are also known as root form implants. They are cylindrical and look similar to a screw. They are implanted directly into the jaw and form a base for one or several artificial teeth. This option of dental implants is generally used when there is abundant width as well as depth of the jawbone. The endosteal implant will look identical to the original missing teeth and thus are the most commonly used implants. Recovery from this type of implantation takes between three months to six months.

2. Plate format implants: These types of dental implants long island are typically used when there is no sufficient jawbone space for the grafting of the tooth. The implant is flat as well as long to ensure that it can fit on a narrow jawbone. The procedure involves the dental surgeon setting the plate format implant in place then stitching the gums closed. Once the gums have healed, the crowns can then be attached to the implant. This type of procedure tends to have a recovery period of about six months.

3. Sub periosteal implants: These dental implants are typically prescribed when the patient does not have enough bone width nor enough bone height for either the endosteal implants or the plate format implants. The sub periosteal implants are usually custom made to fit the specific patient that needs them. The procedure of inserting these implants could be done using either single surgery or through dual surgery. The dental surgeon would decide the best course of action depending on your jawbone.

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