The Different Procedures Involved in Cosmetic Dentistry in Brick, NJ

Dentistry is not all about cleaning teeth and preventing cavities. While this is, of course, a vital part of proper oral health, many people today are turning to cosmetic dentistry to improve their smile and the appearance of their teeth. Whether you have experienced an injury, have severely discolored teeth, or have chips in your teeth that bother you, a cosmetic dentist might be able to help you create the look you desire.

Teeth Whitening

Over time, teeth can become discolored. This could be due to smoking, drinking coffee or cola, or just a part of normal aging. Most over-the-counter products do not produce the most satisfactory results, but a cosmetic dentist offers professional procedures to whiten teeth with a special laser light. This laser can lighten the stains on your teeth, making it easier to smile confidently.

Porcelain Veneers

Even if you have had extensive orthodontic work done in the past, you still might have chips or cracks in your teeth that you try to hide. Chips can make even the straightest teeth look crooked, which is why many people turn to porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are pieces of porcelain that are affixed to the surface of the teeth to give them a smooth and straight appearance. The veneers are thin enough that they blend in with the rest of your teeth, eliminating the risk of looking fake.

Tooth Contouring

Another popular procedure done in cosmetic dentistry in Brick, NJ is contouring or tooth reshaping. This procedure is done for similar reasons as veneers; the difference is the changes are made to your permanent teeth. The dentist uses special tools to reshape your teeth, and in some instances, laminate is added to enhance your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry in Brick, NJ provides many opportunities to fix your teeth, making it possible to smile big once again. Stains, cracks, and splits in your teeth can be detrimental to your self-esteem, forcing you to avoid smiling at all. The quick procedures your cosmetic dentist can provide make it possible to smile and laugh confidently once again. Even if you think your teeth are beyond repair, consult with your dentist to see if you are a candidate for tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, or tooth contouring. Sun Dental is here to help you smile more confidently. For more information, visit

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