The Distinct Advantages of Aluminum Fencing in Christiansburg, VA

Learning the advantages of Aluminum Fencing in Christiansburg VA surprises many residential property owners who hadn’t been seriously considering this material. While wood is considered the classic fencing material and wrought iron brings a sense of elegance to a property, aluminum has advantages not provided by those two options.

Installation and Sloping

This material is lightweight, which makes it easier to handle and to install. This type of fencing also can be adjusted for slopes and hills, which is important for aesthetics. Otherwise, there are gaps between the fence and the ground that people may consider unsightly, inconsistent, and uncoordinated.

Colors, Patterns, and Styles

Aluminum Fencing in Christiansburg VA is available in several colors, which surprises people who expect it to only be sold in the standard silver hue. It’s even provided in textured patterns like speckles. In fact, some manufacturers make aluminum fencing that look very similar to wrought iron. That’s an affordable option for people who like the look of iron but are unhappy about the weight and the expense.

Low Maintenance

This type of metal also requires less maintenance than wood or iron. It’s resistant to weather elements that can warp and rot wood and cause corrosion on iron. Those materials must be painted or otherwise treated at least every few years to prevent damage. Even then, it can be tough to battle oxidation, moisture, and ultraviolet light.

Insect and Rodent Resistant

Aluminum is also resistant to insects and rodents, unlike wood. Insects won’t burrow into metal, and rodents won’t chew on it. There is no risk of holes gradually developing and yellow jackets or mice deciding it’s a good place to hide.

Environmentally Friendly

The metal is an environmentally friendly material since it can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its intrinsic characteristics. Aluminum products ordered from a contractor such as Sam Fencing are likely to have a large percentage of recycled metal from beverage cans and might be made entirely from recycled metal. If the property owner ever decides the fence is no longer wanted, the aluminum can be recycled again to build other products. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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