The Easy Way to Safely Sell Used Medical Equipment

There are many different instances where a hospital, lab or testing facility may end up with surplus used medical and analytical equipment. Surplus equipment is bulky and difficult to store, and it also quickly loses value as more advanced systems come on the market.

One option for any medical laboratory to consider is to simply sell used medical equipment to free up space. While this seems like a simple solution, it often becomes very time consuming and challenging, particularly when trying to sell privately to another medical facility.

The Sales Challenges with Medical Equipment

Trying to privately sell used medical equipment poses several challenges. First is advertising the equipment effectively to prospective buyers. Second, there is the overwhelming number of emails, phone calls and messages about specific details of the equipment that can provide a significant amount of extra work.

Finally, after finding a buyer, there is still the need to get the equipment prepared for transport. This may include having the equipment sterilized and decontaminated as well as wrapped and packaged. There is also the issue of receiving payment and coordinating loading and shipping.

A Better Option

The best way to sell used medical equipment is to sell it directly to a used medical equipment dealer. It is important to choose a reputable, established and national dealer with buyers that can come to your location to arrange the purchase. These companies manage everything, including transportation of the equipment out of your facility.

When choosing a used medical equipment company to work with, look for a company that provides 100% of the payment at the time of pickup of the equipment. Do not use companies that buy on a contingency basis that the equipment passes inspection at their location. Often these companies never pass equipment through inspection, so the seller is forced to pay to ship both ways if they want the equipment returned.

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