The Four Common Power Issues That an Electrician in Peachtree City, GA

Electricity is a great source of heating and lighting energy in the home. Without it, most of the appliances would not run at all. However, it needs to be handled with extreme caution. Electrical power problems are one of the most common causes of fires in homes. This means that you have to handle electrical wiring with lots of caution. Below are the four common power problems and the solutions that an electrician service provides in Peachtree City, GA.

Intermittent power

The main cause of intermittent power in the home is problems in the wiring. What an electrician does in the case of intermittent power is tracing the cable from the unit all the way to the plug. They do this to figure out the parts of the system that have exposed wiring, frayed wiring or any sign of wear in the wiring. They will then replace the part of the wiring with a new and better wire.

Power surges

These happen when there is an increase in the amount of power provided by the electrical company. An increase in the amount of current causes an overload of the circuit. As a result, the electric appliance goes off. If the fuses in the system aren’t working right, a surge can ruin the appliance. An electrician may not be able to control power surges, but they will put in fuses, trippers and other measures to ensure that the surge does not ruin your appliances.

Redundant wiring

This normally results from previous homeowners trying to create their own kind of electrical wiring. The worst thing about the issue is that leaves wiring that hasn’t been properly capped or terminated hanging around. This is very dangerous for every person living in that home.


This is one of the most serious electrical issues in the home. When you plug in too many appliances to an outlet, overloading occurs. This shorts fuses and all appliances go off. To restore function of the outlet, the fuses have to be repaired.

These are the four common issues that an Electrician in Peachtree City, GA has to deal with. They have tips, advice and will assist you get the problem fixed.

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