The Importance of Behaving Responsibly After Obtaining Assistance From a Bail Bonds Services in Georgetown, TX

After receiving assistance from one of the bail bonds services in Georgetown, TX, the person who has been released from jail must be on his or her best behavior until the case is resolved. This is a very unwise time to take chances with the law or risking one’s status as a defendant out on bond.

Committing a Crime

One reason defendants wind up back in jail is if they commit a crime while out on bail. It may be something as small as stealing a bottle of vodka from a liquor store, but that’s enough to have bail revoked by a judge or have the bail bonding service cancel the contract. The same is true for getting caught driving after license revocation. Since the bail bonds fee is nonrefundable, the person now is back in jail despite having paid for the bonding service. A judge may refuse to set bail a second time.

Taking a Trip Out of Town

Taking a trip out of town immediately before a court hearing is very inadvisable. There’s always the risk something will happen to prevent getting back in time. Cars break down, and people get into accidents. Not showing up for a hearing will result in a bench warrant being issued by a judge, and the bonding service may also take action to find and bring the person back. The defendant may end up back in jail.

The Possibility of Bail Reform

Many people are advocating for reform of the bail system, including encouraging courts to allow more defendants their freedom without any bail at all. Substantial changes throughout the country are unlikely to take place quickly, however. The United States legal system has always operated with bail as an intrinsic component, and the practice began many centuries ago in England.

One of the main problems is that so many people who are arrested cannot afford cash bail and do not have collateral in that amount. They need assistance from bail bonds services in Georgetown, TX to post a surety bond in exchange for a fee. Anyone in this situation may contact an organization such as Williamson County Bail Bond.

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