The Importance of Digital Marketing

Anybody who has ever run a business knows just how important marketing is for the whole process. A product or service will live or die on its marketing, and great marketing campaigns can become art in their own right, further launching your brand into the spotlight. Some brands become legendary just based on their marketing campaigns, driving customers to purchase from them simply because they’ve enjoyed or identified with the marketing. But marketing is different today than it’s ever been before, due to the most significant invention of the modern era: the internet. The existence of a global market has completely changed how businesses operate, and there’s now a new field that dominates your ability to get the word out: digital marketing. Digital marketing has entirely changed the game, and for a number of reasons, it’s vital that a company get involved in digital marketing if they want to succeed.

Biggest Customer Base Ever
When you run a commercial locally, you’re targeting people who watch TV in a specific area. Even if that commercials on nationally, you’re still only reaching a portion of the audience that might be interested in your product. The internet provides the single largest number of potential customers ever, especially with so many digital products that can be delivered over the internet with no need for shipping. There is literally nothing standing in the way of digital marketing for a company based in Jacksonville, FL if they want to reach customers from all over the world.

Physical ads like billboards cost a lot of money in materials. Buying a commercial slot is expensive too, as you have a high amount of competition for those slots. But there is no more inexpensive and efficient way to advertise than on the internet. Because there is very little opportunity cost when it comes to getting those ads out there, small businesses and more afford to do so. That also means that marketing digitally can even the playing field, allowing smaller companies to effectively compete with much, much larger ones.

Back and Forth
One of the most valuable assets you get from a proper digital marketing platform is the ability to interact one-on-one with your customers, whether through direct messages or public comments. Being able to directly engage people not only allows you to better serve your customers, it also humanizes you and makes your brand more relatable.

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