The Importance Of Professional Installation For Marble Countertops In St. Paul

Adding any type of natural stone countertops to a bathroom or a kitchen in the St. Paul area is a benefit to the homeowner. These are countertops designed to last, and they add beauty and durability to the home renovation or new home construction.

One of the most popular and classic options in natural stone is marble countertops. While Carrara White is often seen as the traditional option, there are also different marble options, including a Crema Marfil option and different Emperador Dark colors that add drama and sophistication to the kitchen or bath.

When purchasing and installing marble countertops, it is essential to find an experienced natural stone fabricator and installer. These companies are typically specialized and not general kitchen or bathroom renovation services. However, many of these companies are well-known to general contractors and developers in the St. Paul area, and they may be recommended as the go-to solution for your countertops.

What to Know from the Fabricator and Installer

Quality marble is always a central consideration. There are different grades of marble, and the cheapest prices on the market are usually marble slabs from low grades, which means a lot of imperfections.

The best companies that sell, fabricate, and install marble countertops provide information on the marble slabs they have in stock to their customers. They also ensure they are only selling quality marble.

The fabrication and installation company needs to measure your kitchen counters precisely, and then choose the best way to cut the marble slabs for a limited number of joins and an aesthetically pleasing look with the veining in the different pieces. Top fabricators take care to consider the best ways to use the slab for the lowest possible waste.

Installation should also be completed by experienced companies in the St. Paul area. Poor installation can result in gaps in the marble, creating both problems for the homeowner as well as a less than perfect finished look.

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