The Importance of Regular Vent Cleaning

The importance of regular Vent Cleaning can not be under estimated. In many homes, this simple task that can significantly improve the air quality in the home and safeguard their family’s health is something that many home-owners overlook.

One of the most serious issues created from neglecting Vent Cleaning Greenwich CT is the growth and build up of dangerous molds. Many places that toxic molds can grow and flourish will not be visible to casual observation, and a good air conditioning service will be sure to do a thorough inspection. The service provider will also confirm the presence of mold by sending any suspected mold to be tested by a microbiology laboratory to ensure the positive identification. Be sure to make any necessary improvements suggested by the service provider to ensure that the mold will not regrow after it’s been treated.

Vent Cleaning Greenwich CT is also important for the treatment of allergies, both seasonal and severe. Besides the accumulation of dander and dust from the interior of your home, air vents are susceptible to be invaded by rodents and other vermin that can release toxic pollutants into your indoor environment. These pollutants from their fur, dander, and feces can have devastating effects on even a healthy person’s ability to breath. Someone who suffers from asthma or serious allergies could suffer unnecessary, and potentially life threatening, attacks. Rodent droppings also contain toxic chemicals which are linked with many serious diseases found in humans such as Leptospirosis, which can cause liver and renal failure, and Hantavirus, which can cause difficulty breathing.

Although the EPA does not have an official recommendation as to how often the home air conditioning vents should be cleaned, many experts recommend that this important service should be completed at least every 3 to 5 years. If the home’s the residence of smokers or pets, vent cleaning should be done more often. Also, when deciding whether or not to have a home’s vents cleaned, the general cleanliness and any recent renovations of the home should be taken into account because these can cause additional build up inside the home’s ventilation system.

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