The Importance of Retaining a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Charleston SC

When you have been arrested for and charged with a crime, you have the right under constitutional law to legal representation. If you can afford to hire one for yourself, it can be vital for you to retain an experienced lawyer immediately after your arrest.

Rather than go before the judge without counsel, you can put a lawyer who practices in this area of law on retainer. These reasons are some to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Charleston, SC, to represent you.

Getting Bail or Bond

After your arrest, you have to be arraigned quickly. Your arraignment hearing may occur within a matter of days, or sometimes even hours, after your arrest. It is during this hearing that you are formally charged and find out if you can get out on bail or bond.

You ideally want to get out on as little bail or bond as possible, or possibly even on your own recognizance. When you have a lawyer on retainer representing you, you can have them argue for you in this hearing. Your lawyer may be able to get you a low bail or bond amount or get the judge to release you on ROR or a signature bond.

Your criminal defense lawyer in Charleston, SC, can also prove your innocence in court. You can find out more about hiring this lawyer online. Contact Phipps Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyers at

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